PMSOC, L.L.C., d/b/a as Patrick Mullins Soccer is proud to present: Top Performance Soccer Camp


I have designed a program to teach fun and essential soccer habits of a top player. The camp will include the same drills and exercises I use on a daily basis as a professional soccer player. For the last 18 years, I have played at all levels including: youth, college, amateur and now professional. I’ve seen and experienced a lot. I know what works and just as importantly what does not work when it comes to producing top players. Not all drills make you a better player. But, this camp offers the ones that do. They will increase your quality and effectiveness as a player, which will produce improved results on the field.

The goal of this camp is to teach the on-field skills and mentality necessary to be a top player.

I am excited to bring in a staff that knows all about being successful on the field. They know exactly what it takes physically, mentally and emotionally to be a successful player. The biggest thing I tried to keep in mind when picking my staff was that not all players are the same. I wanted to pick coaches that would be able to reach and educate a wide variety of players. This coaching staff meets that requirement and then some. Each one of them offer a unique perspective and approach to the game that will benefit all of our campers.

The camp atmosphere will mimic that of a professional environment. You can expect high-energy, quality repetitions, and maximum effort both on-and-off the field. The camp program will include an off-field discussion about achieving your soccer goals and future aspirations.


Each camp is limited to 40 players, so register early.  

After camp is full registratants will be placed on a waitlist.


Boys Camp (Grades 8-12)

Girls Camp (Grades 8-12)

Date and Time to be announced

Summer 2016

Date and Time to be announced

Summer 2016



Camp Highlights

Morning Session:



Passing/Moving with Purpose


Small-Sided Games


Lunch Session:


Classroom Session: Mental Strength/College Soccer Recruiting


Afternoon Session:

Positional Training


Post Camp Session:

Optional Parent Q&A - Further information about parent's role in their child's success


For further questions and information please email:


The camp will be structured so that players will only be participating in individual drills and not participating in any type of team play to comply with LHSAA rules with regard to participation in a camp during the high school sports season.